Three Year Anniversary at S&G Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

By sgbjj | In Uncategorized | on March 23, 2017

This past week was a huge milestone for S&G Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. We gathered together on Monday to celebrate our third anniversary.
Of course we can’t have a big get together without some promotions. AD, Mak, Greg, Jad and Arch… powered up to blue belt.

Blue Belts:
AD: AD’s athleticism and natural ability allow him to absorb technique and immediately apply that technique in a live situation.
Mak: Our friend from Krasnodar, Russia, is on a mission. Every time Mak steps on the mat with the purpose to improve, he is a valued training partner that is more than willing to test your abilities. Greg: Greg has been training BJJ with us now for just under two years and in that time he has earned the title of Mr. Consistency. Rain or shine, every time Greg steps on the mat he has a plan, and he executes. Greg is also a great example of a thinking man’s BJJ practitioner, developing and implementing a game that is effective for him.
Jad: Jad is a great example of the guy that can’t get into the gym every day, but still comes because he loves Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I have been training with Jad since he was a kid, and I am extremely excited that he has reached this milestone. I expect to see him twice as often now that he has ranked up.
Archibald: Arch is another great example of consistency. While it’s easy to overlook a 30 something high school teacher Arch is in class three or four days a week, working hard, and improving. Over the last year and a half Arch has become a silent assassin, and I only expect him to continue to improve.

Purple Belts:
Zak: Long time BJJ practitioner and an S&G Day 1 student and friend Zak, who drives around two hours each night to train with us has made his way up to purple. I can’t remember exactly how long Zak has been training but one thing that is evident to anyone that knows Zak is his passion for jiu jitsu (and judo). It’s rare that a tournament or seminar happens within 300 miles that Zak isn’t at.

Brown Belts:
D-Lo: I have been training with D-Lo now for six or seven years. He is a part of our small group of Day 1 students who first showed up before S&G officially opened, and in the past year or two I see more of my style of BJJ in him than any other student I teach. Within the last 18 months D-Lo’s intensity has skyrocketed and he is a force to be reckoned with.
Coach Chris: Chris Collins, our Judo instructor and possibly our most active competitor despite working a ridiculous amount of hours each week is ready to test the competition at brown belt. I don’t have much else to say, he’s a savage.

Along with our three year anniversary we have a number of new announcements that we will be rolling out over the coming weeks. Jon and Sean have very high expectations for this summer and we can’t wait to get rolling.

Thank you everyone for coming out and we look forward many more years in the future together and thank you for making tonight a success!

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